Exhibit 3D Moss Art – Spectacular Moss Wall

Exhibit 3D Moss Art by Zhanna Thomas

Exhibit 3D Moss Art perform November 2020 - Second Saturday Walk in Art District St. Petersburg, Florida. 
Now my 3D Moss Art in Contemporary Art Zhanna Gallery

Welcome to a new collection of handmade home decor in which we are glad to present you with these 3D Moss Art - Spectacular Moss Wall Art Designs That Redefine The Living Wall Concept.

Moss Art is the best way to decor your Home.
3D Moss to Inspire Your Space 100% natural preserved moss creations perfect for your home or business.

The moss looks and feels alive with soft textures flexibility, and vibrant colors. Maintaining its natural details and shapes for years.

It doesn't require water, pruning, sunlight, upkeep, or chemicals and doesn't attract insects. It also does not produce pollen or spores.

The moss is hand-selected and picked from forests with a sustainable procedure.

Preserved plants are real.

They look real, they smell real, they feel and taste real…because they are real. Just like real plants, they don’t attract dust.

Imagine having real plants that you don’t have to water or maintain….Preserved Plants…the way to go in a busy society.

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