Exhibition PULSE Mixed Media

Exhibition Pulse Mix Media by Zhanna Thomas

Exhibition PULSE -  Mixed Media, Acrylic on canvas, Oil&Wax 

Exhibition Pulse Mixed Media

“Your thoughts attract your life events”

"Many things inspire me in life but not so many things themselves but rather their energy. As energy palpitates and runs through everything. I am inexorably and inexplicably drawing to it. Let it be the energy of people, things, places, colors and shapes, faces and silhouettes, words and ideas, gestures and expressions. I see this world as an ever-present exchange of energies. Which are reflected and which emerge through my own perceptions and vision of the world around us."- Zhanna Thomas

A special atmosphere at the opening of the exhibition PULSE was created by a wonderful YANA ButterflyEffect, Yana DJ, Artist/Sets A & R, Ethnic /Deep House, Melodic Techno Story Teller. In addition, light refreshments and wine serving during our expositions.

We strive to ensure a safe environment for all our guests. Also, we sanitize and deep clean daily.
For the safety of all our guests and staff, masks require and also, we provide them at the gallery if needed

Exhibition PULSE Open Sunday 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.
Visit Zhanna Gallery Address: 593 22nd St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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