VoyageTampa: Local Stories Meet Zhanna Thomas

Where does my story begin?

VoyageTampa: Local Stories Meet Zhanna Thomas

Recently, I had a chance to share my incredible story with Voyage Tampa Magazine! It was a wonderful experience to recall my artistic path and reflect upon past, present and future. As a result, the interview is really intimate and personal, where I talk about the experience that shaped and inspired me to create art. I certainly encourage you all to check it out!

Meet Zhanna Thomas - Fairly "Smooth" Road

The interview uncovered some of the struggles and challenges I face on my path of becoming who I am today. Including the time during and after the fall of Soviet Union. And uncovering the experience of the first generation of immigrants in the United states.

"We had to build our business from the ground up navigating the murky waters of crumbling economy, financial instability, and widespread corruption following the fall of the Soviet Union. Although those times will be forever remembered by me as most challenging, I truly believe that it is due to these hardships that I have grown to be an individual and an artist that I am today. "

(Local Stories, 2021)

Meet Zhanna Thomas - Exploring 3D Art

While, exploring the 3D art, I was literally tearing apart canvases as breaking through the dimensions of the universe looking for new shapes to express my emotions. As a result, I created my collection in 3D format Don't Be Flat that implies the use of multiple canvases.

"No matter how long I paint or create art, I will always feel I am a student of Art; the more I know, the more I feel that I do not know. I like it this way and know that my passion and energy for art come from being dissatisfied and bored with creating something I have already done before. This is probably why I am always seeking new ways and mediums to express myself."

(Local Stories, 2021)

Hopefully, my story will inspire others on becoming who they want to be and rediscover themself! Art absolutely helps in re-imagining yourself and obtaining the necessary energy to overcome the obstacles and challenges in everyone's life.

In four years, I created 40 paintings different techniques

Full story you can read VoyageTampa: Local Stories Rising Stars: Meet Zhanna Thomas - VoyageTampa

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