Exhibition “Pulse In Pandemic” | Abstract on the Wood

Exhibition "Pulse in Pandemic"

Zhanna Thomas Gallery is excited to present the new collection “Pulse in Pandemic” that became a part
of the exhibition “Pulse” currently residing in the gallery. Pulse represents the pulsing flow of the
vibrant energy of life that beats in ourselves.

The new part of our extraordinary exhibition was inspired by the feelings experienced during this
difficult time of the pandemic. The collection consists of 12 individual artworks that represent 12
states of mind during the year of the pandemic.

"All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason." - Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason.

The realization of the situation happens from the sensual to the rational as we come to the
acceptance of feelings by the mind. Exactly those processes of sensing, understanding, and
accepting are depicted by the artist in the new collection.

Using the wooden doors and transforming them into the masterpieces of abstractionism and
expressionism, artist (Zhanna Thomas) expands the horizons of multimedia art. When you visit our
gallery, you would be able to receive a magnificent experience of the vibrant colors and various
feelings that became possible due to oil paint and wax combination.

To see all this fascinating art and more in-person, you simply can set up an appointment and we
would happily welcome you to the gallery. Additionally, all the artworks are available for sale on
the website.

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