My First Exhibition ‘Don’t Be Flat’

My First Exhibition Modern 3D Art, Acrylic on canvas “Don’t Be Flat” 2020!

My First Exhibition 'Don’t Be Flat' is dedicated to the memory of my late husband Logan Thomas to commemorate his birthday.

Modern 3D Art, Acrylic on canvas “Don’t Be Flat” 2020!

We live in the world of constant changes with new technologies in mass media and new platforms and dimensions. As the world changes, our vision of the world and our mentality change e bun along with it. It´s time to recharge and reinvent ourselves Quik when we cannot stay ‘flat,’ for the world surely is not.

Three-dimensional art is a great way to add some interest to a space in your home or create a focal point. You can mix in with more traditional 2-D art pieces or featured them all on their own; there are really no rules here. Here you can find Original Contemporary Art.

 Special featured music performance by Jessy LeRos.

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I am very grateful for all my guests who had the opportunity to come and support me on this special day for me, the opening of my studio/gallery. Many of my friends, as well as my family, have tirelessly inspired me on this path. And I am very glad that this day has come. Special thanks to Dmitry Baranov Photography!

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