All walks of life

All walks of life

3D Acrylic on Canvas Double wood frame.
Acrylic on canvas, mixed media with modeling paste.
Ready to hang Signed certificate of authenticity Style.  Abstract and non-figurative Beautiful Statement Piece!
Contemplative, calming feel and lots of depth. This painting is textured and layered!


"All walks of life" - Fine Art
42 × 42 × 2 in | 106.7 × 106.7 × 5.1 cm
3D Acrylic on Canvas Double wood frame

High-quality Golden acrylics and UV gloss enamel protected. Deep edge canvas.

“Your thoughts attract your life events”

If you are doodling cubes...
First for all, cubes indicate a desire to be constructive. If they are three-dimensional, they indicate the ability or an attempt to see all sides of an issue. Drawing cubes is also a common sign of feeling trapped and powerless to resolve a situation. Also, combined with round shapes and spirals cubes often signify that the doodler really would rather be somewhere else at that particular moment doing something at lot more interesting.

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Shipping details "All walks of life"

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