Illusion Of Love

Illusion Of Love

3D Acrylic on Canvas Wood frame


Dimensions 36 × 3 × 48 in

When we fall in love, we very often succumb to a whirlpool of wild-running emotions, passions and uncontrollable desires which are eventually destined to consume us as a whole. We fall into complete and utter illusion based on our own false conceptions, assumptions and expectations of what True Love has to look and feel like.

Very often the results of such self-deceitful patterns and behaviors and entrusting every fiber of your being to someone else’s whimsical pursuits could be very detrimental and self-destructing. We always need to listen to our inner voice. The biggest havoc in life that you can bring upon yourself and the greatest sin that you can commit is the sin of self-betrayal. The only way to overcome such delusions and temptations is to never fully give in to and relinquish power over your life to temporary, fleeting and transient passions and feelings which are prone to fade away with time.