Pulse – Original Painting

Pulse – Original Painting

Acrylic on canvas, mixed media with modeling paste.
Ready to hang Signed certificate of authenticity Style.  Abstract and non-figurative Beautiful Statement Piece!
Contemplative, calming feel and lots of depth. This painting is textured and layered! 


Pulse - Original Painting | Dimensions 48 × 2 × 36 in
High-quality Golden acrylics and UV gloss enamel protected. Deep edge canvas.

“Your thoughts attract your life events”
The law of gravity and the exchange of energy is at the base of things in life. The same goes for human dreams and desires. Having contemplated that idea, to have success, you need to think about what you want to have in your life. Try to cease thinking about what you would like to avoid.
Surely you have come across such a phenomenon more than once in your life when what you zealously desired, was embodied in reality.

It happened to me when I really wanted to meet a fervent love. I dreamt of it and I tried to paint it. I got immersed into my unconscious which controlled my hand and my brush. Then I was struck by the fact that the more I looked at my creation, the more I envisioned my future love. Images popping in my head and pulsating through my mind kept bringing me to a power station like structure, circling and vibrating through my inner core. That frantic feeling of arrhythmia in my heart only became clear to me when I met Him. He was an engineer and high levels of energy conserved at the power station he worked at, intrinsically and inexplicably resonated within me. Our passion and chemistry created such strong waves and energy flow, with such intensity, that it smashed our hearts to pieces.

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